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News from BusinessCode can be found here. Press releases, blog entries, social commitment and a look behind the scenes of BusinessCode. Just check back regularly to find out what drives us on.

BusinessCode in HomeOffice

BusinessCode in the HomeOffice: Our colleague Goetz van Rissenbeck provides some useful tips.

Smart Ocean

Hellmann and BusinessCode develop new tracking tool for sea freight: Smart Ocean

BusinessCode and the SSF – next Level

Our CEO Martin Schulze was in charge of the organisation at the 42nd International Youth Meeting of the SSF in Bonn. BusinessCode is the official sponsor of the SSF.

The transition to Java12 – A short field report

Java Runtime has recently been licensed by Oracle for a fee. There is also a free version: OpenJDK. Our colleague Eugen Plischke has dealt with the conversion in more detail and has written down his experiences.