Prepared for environmental track in Bonn

BusinessCode offers company bicycles to employees.

From now on, employees of the IT service provider BusinessCode GmbH can come to the office with company bicycles. Job tickets have long been available from the Bonn-based IT service provider. The company is thus making a clear commitment to climate and environmental protection and against the impending traffic congestion in Bonn.

Bonn, 28 August 2019. The topic of the environment is not new at BusinessCode. A CO2 reporting tool for customers was developed around 10 years ago. Now they want to live the idea of sustainability even more intensely within the company. “All employees come to the office by bus, train or bike,” says Martin Schulze, CEO of the Bonn-based IT service provider BusinessCode. “Those colleagues who have a further journey rely on a combination of car and public transport, because the main station is within walking distance. Employees who come from Bonn usually use their bicycles to get to the office, which is located directly opposite the university.”

BusinessCode offers company bicycles to employees.

And so it was obvious for the management to offer the employees company bicycles in addition to the job ticket. “Company cars are the order of the day for most companies, while company bicycles are still rather unusual. We want to make a visible contribution to climate protection,” says Schulze, explaining the offer. This also includes a safe and dry shelter at the office as well as maintenance and care of the bikes. And the fact that some bikes have already been ordered despite the holiday season shows that the offer has hit the mark.

“Sustainability is a central theme of our entrepreneurial activities,” explains Martin Schulze. “We live this term above all in our dealings with the workforce. And the cooperation with our customers around the world, some of whom we have successfully served for 20 years”.

Picture caption: BusinessCode relies on company bicycles (Photo: BusinessCode)