Jürgen Baro (Vorsitzender SSF Bonn), Martin Schulze (Geschäftsführer BusinessCode) und Georg Wambach (Abteilungsleiter Schwimmen)

The “day of swimming” – soon a historical event in Bonn?

We as BusinessCode would like to support swimming in Bonn so that every child can swim safely at the end of the fourth or at latest of the sixth grade.

IT for future – even if we as IT service providers are better known for accompanying companies in the IT sector into the future, our commitment does not end with IT. We are also socially committed. Especially when selected topics are particularly important for our employees. This is the case with swimming. Admittedly, not an easy thing in Bonn, but perhaps particularly attractive for this reason. The discussion about this important topic does not come to an end. But it does not lead anywhere, namely at offers to learn to swim and practice it.

Bonners still swim tomorrow, don’t they?

IT for future means that we know which solutions accompany our customers on their way into the future. We also know which ingredients they consist of. And we transfer this knowledge to the subject of swimming. And that’s why we know that software is successful when the hardware and the people who work with it complement each other.

It is a pity how we deal with the topic of swimming and swimming pools in Bonn. That’s why we are looking for starting points, however small, to actively support them. We are happy to help clubs to become more visible and are in conversation with the SSF Bonn to show the flag together for the importance of swimming sport. In 2018 we therefore supported the SSF Youth Meeting as sponsor for the first time. And we will certainly continue to be active here. Swimming should get a face, so the basic idea, which will be a cornerstone of the future when it comes to swimming in Bonn.

External supporters wanted!

Only if we draw attention to the importance of swimming throughout the region we have a chance to offer an attractive swimming landscape in the future that is suitable for mass sports, school swimming and competitive sports. And a first important step is the visibility of the sport, as is the same with other disciplines.

We as BusinessCode would like to help here. Swimming must be supported in Bonn by external helpers, otherwise there is a danger that we will not achieve the goals of the state government of NRW, that every child can swim safely at the end of the fourth, but at the latest at the end of the sixth grade, in Bonn.

Let’s do it – swimming in Bonn also in the future! We are in it! Who participates?

Photo: Jürgen Baró (chairman SSF Bonn), Martin Schulze (CEO BusinessCode) und Georg Wambach (deparment manager swimming).