Inside BusinessCode: Harald Wagener and photography

Our employee Harald Wagener has been a passionate photographer for decades. For BusinessCode he created his own pictures with reference to Bonn.

Harald Wagener has been a passionate photographer for decades. For BusinessCode he created his own pictures with reference to Bonn.

Our colleague Harald Wagener has been photographing for about 20 years. During this time, he has witnessed the advent of digitalization in photography and, as an IT expert, undoubtedly uses it himself. Some of the pictures can be found in our offices. Of course, they are all related to Bonn.

“The background here is that I took a lot of pictures around 2010 and specially edited them,” explains Wagener. “Back then it was something special. Today, a large part of this editing is already possible with a smartphone and has become virtually mainstream. This in principle nothing else but the advent of digitalization.”

As an IT company, we are of course very familiar with digitalisation. Our team knows how rapidly technologies develop and how important it is to be up to date. Harald Wagener also took some of the processing steps for the BusinessCode photos with his smartphone. Because the quality of the pictures and the possibilities on the smartphone are getting better and better. “In my last holiday, I completely abandoned my SLR camera and only took pictures with my smartphone,” he explains. “My backpack with 3-4 lenses weighs 5-8 kilos and I’m not always willing to carry it with me all day.” Digitalization also has practical advantages.

“The images for BusinessCode each consist of a 360° panorama image. This consists of approximately 20 individual images,” explains Wagener. “The next step was to assemble the panorama to create a planet, i.e. to stretch the panorama onto a sphere. Then I added an artistic effect, because we wanted a painting rather than a photo.”

Harald Wagener’s Passion: Photography

The pictures all have a clear relation to Bonn, they show among other things the Bonner Münster (a cathedral), the university (which now bears the title “Excellence University”) and the BusinessCode office directly opposite the university. Because BusinessCode belongs to Bonn. Even though we travel internationally and have customers all over the world, our regional relationship to Bonn is one of our most important characteristics, which is also evident in our various activities within and outside the IT sector.

For example, BusinessCode supports the Deutsche Museum Bonn by becoming a member of the “Wissenschaf(f)t Spaß” (Fun Science) association, which promotes the MINT subjects and professions of Bonn schoolchildren. We are also committed to swimming sports in Bonn. Every employee has his or her own personal interests and is involved accordingly. As a company, we bring all these interests together and integrate them into our philosophy. We have known and appreciated each other for many years. Every employee has individual abilities beyond IT. And it is precisely these skills that he should be able to bring to BusinessCode. This is why teamwork works so well at BusinessCode – because we don’t just work together on a professional basis and complement each other.

Photographs: Harald Wagener