BusinessCode Javaland 2024

JavaLand 2024 from a BusinessCode perspective

Our employees Eugen, Jens and Jan took part in JavaLand 2024.

JavaLand 2024 was not only an event for Java enthusiasts, but also a source of diverse insights and inspiration from the IT industry. Our employees Eugen, Jens and Jan took part in the event and share their experiences.

This year, JavaLand did not take place at Phantasialand as usual, but at the new location at the Nürburgring. The theme was a successful mix of informative presentations, exciting activities such as karting and the ‘ring walk’ as well as a fantastic atmosphere. It was almost a challenge to decide on the right presentations, as nine different sessions took place at the same time.

We were particularly impressed by the variety of topics. From artificial intelligence to the latest Java versions, there was something for everyone. In particular, the presentations on AI-supported programming and technologies such as Kafka and Gradle, which we use at BusinessCode, were extremely informative and relevant. Another highlight was the presentation on performance optimisation for quote generation at, which provided valuable insights into efficient coding.

Of particular interest was the topic of containers and the cloud, which many of us were dealing with. The trend towards hybrid clouds and the importance of topics such as Kubernetes and infrastructure as code became clear. Another issue that we would like to see addressed more is accessibility in software development. After all, people play a central role in the UI.

For us at BusinessCode, JavaLand 2024 was an inspiring and instructive experience overall. Although the new location at the Nürburgring attracted fewer visitors, we were not disappointed by the quality of the event. As always, the presentations were of a high standard. It’s always enriching to think outside the box and find out what’s new in the IT world. JavaLand offers an ideal platform for this and we are already looking forward to next year!