BusinessCode digitally maps insolvency law processes

Together with a law firm in the insolvency sector the Bonn-based software house has digitised the insolvency law processes.

Together with Dr. Schulte-Beckhausen & Bühs Rechtsanwälte, a law firm in the insolvency sector, the Bonn-based software house has digitised the processes in the law firm and moved them to the cloud.

Bonn, 15.12.2021Digitisation in SMEs is a broad field,” begins BusinessCode CEO Martin Schulze, “this is partly because the term SME is very broad and the processes in the companies are very different.”

That is why the BusinessCode team is pleased to be able to support the law firm Dr. Schulte-Beckhausen & Bühs in digitalising the complex processes involved in handling insolvency proceedings. “It was an exciting project that allowed us to show what we can do, and that digitalisation is not a question of company size,” emphasises Schulze.

Dr. Schulte-Beckhausen had approached BusinessCode because the solution used in the law firm was no longer up to date in various areas and needed to be revised. Against the background that this would not make economic sense, the decision was made to develop a new solution. Together with the employees of the law firm, BusinessCode developed the new solution “Jurex”.

The aim of the new development was to incorporate the wishes and ideas into a modern solution that is tailored to the requirements of the law firm and is cloud-based. “Jurex” contains all the important key features that are crucial for the law firm’s processes. These include the recording and processing of creditor and debtor data, the management of claims records and table management, quota calculation and distribution, the creation of a SEPA file for the transfer of remittance data to an external bank programme, the creation of an interface for the purpose of data transfer to the court, as well as the accounting recording and transparent presentation of all payment transactions made during the handling of the insolvency proceedings.

“The court must be able to view and record the creditor data and the associated claims data in its system for the creation of the court table,” explains CEO Martin Bernemann. Jurex ensures the electronic transmission of the data recorded for this purpose to the courts via an interface. “It is precisely this data interface to the court that is of particular importance,” Schulte-Beckhausen summarises.

“Overall, the process has become much simpler and also more secure thanks to the cloud technology,” explains Bernemann. Although numerous, very complex processes run in the background, the IT experts at BusinessCode have succeeded in making the menu navigation and user interface lean and modern. This makes it much easier to use and ensures efficient work. There is no need for any significant training effort during familiarisation.

“The cooperation with BusinessCode was uncomplicated and at eye level”. The application should be “as lean as possible”. “We felt very well looked after and understood at all times,” concludes Schulte-Beckhausen.

It is no surprise that further steps are already planned. BusinessCode is to create a publicly accessible portal that will enable the procedural creditors to view the status of the proceedings and the status of their claim online at any time.