BusinessCode zum Ludwig 2020 in der Kategorie Unternehmensnachfolge nominiert

“Ludwig 2020”: BusinessCode nominated in the category business succession

The next milestone is now the regulation of company succession. With this, the company is entering the race for the "Ludwig 2020".

Digitization of processes, the main business area of the IT experts at BusinessCode in Bonn, is becoming increasingly important. The company recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. The next milestone is now the regulation of company succession. With this, the company is entering the race for the “Ludwig 2020”.

20 January 2020. Being one of the companies nominated for the “Ludwig 2020″ award in the field of succession is an award that makes us proud,” says Martin Schulze with a smile. Martin Schulze, CEO of BusinessCode GmbH Bonn, has been BusinessCoder from the very beginning. Together with some long-time companions he has developed an extraordinary succession plan. This will be presented in detail during the competition for the “Ludwig 2020”.

“We are IT service providers for customer-specific business solutions. Today, more than 20,000 users work with our systems every day,” explains Schulze. He has an eye on the development of new target groups as well as growth in the familiar customer environment. To be able to develop further with the necessary strengt in the upcoming years, the arrangement of the company succession was necessary. This is currently being implemented.

The succession model will be presented at 11 February 2020

BusinessCode develops complex software solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customer. The competition is intense and it is important to work out differences. “And software projects only partly live from technology. The more important part is the know-how and the intuition of the responsible project team members at the solution provider. Our team has an enormous amount of this,” explains Schulze. In order to keep it that way and to be able to continue to grow with qualified employees, employees who want to do so should be actively involved in the company. The final negotiations are currently underway to determine exactly what this participation will involve.

But now the Bonn-based IT provided is preparing for the nomination evening. There one can present the successor model to the jury and the other competitors.

Bildunterschrift: The logo for the SME award “Ludwig 2020