Lina Bernemann – My career at BusinessCode

Lina Bernemann talks about her work at BusinessCode as a working student. She can implement the theoretical content from her studies.

My name is Lina Bernemann and I am 22 years old. I have been working at the company since mid-October 2021 and support my colleague Bernd Daamen with everyday administrative tasks.

I got my job as a “working student back office” – that’s the official title – because I’ve known BusinessCode for years and have private connections to the company. I have often “placed” other students and when my current position became available last autumn, the idea of starting there myself came up for the first time. Since then, I have been working for BusinessCode from the Netherlands alongside my studies.

I am studying International Business and BusinessCode is a good fit for a job in this field. The size of the company is just right for “career starters”, both the number of employees and the scope of the processes. Big enough in terms of experience and know-how and I can learn a lot, but not too big so that you quickly get to know all the employees personally. The fact that the company operates internationally is of course a particularly good fit for my degree programme. After I was hired in the autumn, a firm work structure was formed, which has remained that way ever since. I also particularly like the relaxed and personal nature of the company and the fact that projects are processed quickly and effectively.

Once a week there is a meeting with my supervisor Bernd Daamen to discuss the results of the previous week and to assign tasks for the coming week. The tasks vary in effort, so that I can work on some projects for several weeks, while others are quickly solved. Every now and then I get spontaneous tasks from other employees, especially because the HR department affects all employees. Since I started at the company, my everyday work has taken place online.

I particularly enjoy the realistic insight into what you only learn theoretically at university. Here in the company, you experience the flow of processes with all the ups and downs. Working with other students and collaborating on international projects also contributes to a varied everyday working life. In addition, I can make a lot of contacts because there are projects that require the cooperation of other external companies. With each completed task, I visibly have a positive influence on the work of BusinessCode.

Currently, I am working in the areas of accounting and HR, specifically on integrating future Erasmus students from Greece and applying for funding for research projects in Germany.

To start successfully at BusinessCode, you should have an open attitude towards people. It’s also important to have a basic understanding of how things work in a company, as well as logical, structured thinking and working, and to be able to work independently, also because of the amount of work that takes place remotely. Knowledge of English is necessary because we have more and more international employees. Especially for working with Bernd, knowledge of law is a plus.

I am convinced that BusinessCode will make greater leaps in all areas in the next few years. My job here allows me to experience and actively shape the work in the IT industry. Everything that is currently being introduced could one day become a partially automated process that I might take care of in the future.