Die BusinessCode CEOs Martin Schulze und Martin Bernemann

BusinessCode supports Aramex journey in fostering the value of data through its cutting-edge Business Intelligence Platform

BusinessCode supports Aramex journey in fostering the value of data through its cutting-edge Business Intelligence Platform.

This innovative platform marks a significant milestone in the realm of data analytics, achieving self-service BI, full automation, and establishing a single version of the truth for unparalleled data insights.

Bonn, 27 February 2024Aramex, an international express and logistics service provider headquartered in the Middle East, is continuously working on increasing the efficiency and quality of its own processes. To meet these challenges, Aramex has commissioned BusinessCode, a leading international solution provider for the digitalization of highly complex logistics processes, to develop an innovative data analysis platform.

The resulting performance management system was developed in close cooperation with Aramex and provides precisely tailored information for corporate management.  The combination of operational data with key figures from the sales and finance areas provides a unique overview and enables decisions to be made quickly and processes to be optimized in a targeted manner. An outstanding aspect of the solution is the prompt availability of this information.

Key Features of Aramex’s Business Intelligence Platform:

  1. Comprehensive Data Access for All Levels: Aramex’s Business Intelligence Platform is designed to cater to the diverse needs within the company, providing data accessibility for all levels whether business and customer metrics or analytics of last mile activities to ensure that decision-makers at every level have the necessary insights to drive strategic initiatives and contribute to the overall success of the business.
  2. Real-time Data Availability: The platform architecture allows real-time data availability, ensuring that users have access to the most up-to-date information.
  3. Self-Service BI: Empowering users at all levels, our platform provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing individuals to generate actionable insights without the need for extensive technical expertise.
  4. Automation: Aramex’s Business Intelligence Platform automates complex data processes, from extraction to transformation and loading (ETL), ensuring efficiency and accuracy in data management.
  5. One Version of the Truth: Addressing the challenge of disparate data sources and conflicting reports, our platform establishes a unified and reliable source of information.

“In the era of digital transformation, data has become one of the most valuable assets for all companies, and our Business Intelligence Platform is providing the tools needed to harness the full potential of this asset. We believe that by offering self-service BI, full automation, and a single version of the truth, along with comprehensive data access for all levels, we are empowering businesses to make smarter decisions, faster; supporting our vision to be a fully Data Driven Company,” says Niveen Sukar, Global Director of Data and Analytics, Aramex.

“The project shows once again that BusinessCode has a high level of expertise in logistics,” explains Martin Schulze, CEO of BusinessCode. “Our solutions are designed to provide real added value to customers and make them successful in their competitive environment. The partnership with Aramex is another milestone on this path.”

Caption: BusinessCode CEOs Martin Schulze and Martin Bernemann