A different kind of business venture

Unusual management buy-out ensures commercial success

Three years after the innovative management buy-out, BusinessCode has developed successfully and set the course for future growth. For most of the shareholders, it was comparable to a launch, encouraging them to take similar steps.

15 November 2023 Just three years after the management buy-out, more than 10 new employees are working for BusinessCode. Turnover has increased by 60%. This is a success to be proud of. The management buy-out gave a jolt to the already successful company, releasing further energy. And this is precisely where CEO Martin Schulze sees the special nature of this step. “It’s different whether you work in a management role or whether you are also a shareholder,” comments Martin Bernemann, who was appointed as a further CEO at the same time in 2020. For the shareholders, the decision was like founding a company, a step into a previously unknown risk. Even though the structure of the company with its existing customers and employees was known, the question of responsibility is a different one.

The idea for this special management buy-out came from the ranks of the employees. “Our team culture gave us the impetus to personally stand up for BusinessCode together over the next few years,” explains Martin Schulze. “We took huge steps forward after the takeover, grew and were able to acquire new projects and new employees,” Schulze proudly emphasizes. The management buy-out was a strong signal for the workforce and the market.

Schulze and Bernemann believe BusinessCode is well positioned for the coming years. “With the larger team, we are in an even better position to support our customers in the key areas of cloud migration, digital transformation and data-driven decision making. Our continuous investment in the further training of our IT staff, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence, is paying off.”

In addition, the spin-off BlueBox Systems, which was founded during the management buy-out, achieved an international breakthrough this year and established itself as one of the leading companies in the field of air freight visibility.

Caption: The shareholders are proud of their success