BusinessCode participates with BlueBoxSystems in the “NRWirtschaft im Wandel” competition

Bonn-based IT company BusinessCode is entering the prestigious "NRWirtschaft im Wandel" competition with its in-house start-up BlueBox Systems.

Bonn-based IT company BusinessCode is entering the prestigious “NRWirtschaft im Wandel” competition with its in-house start-up BlueBox Systems. The somewhat different idea of founding a start-up from an established IT company was the inspiration.

Bonn, 09.07.2024 BusinessCode and its subsidiary BlueBox Systems are taking part in the start-up category. The development of BlueBox Systems is in line with the idea of this competition. The start-up was founded on the basis of BusinessCode’s many years of experience as an IT expert in the logistics sector in order to combine the advantages of its established origins with those of a start-up.

This somewhat different approach of founding a start-up based on extensive experience in collaboration with long-standing customers and not as the result of a hackathon or a student idea provided the inspiration for the application. “Sustainability – a requirement of the competition – is something we practise. We continuously develop IT, utilise existing knowledge and don’t always start from scratch,” explains BusinessCode CEO Martin Schulze.

The BlueBoxAir product was developed on the basis of BusinessCode’s existing expertise and many years of experience in the field of logistics processes. The start-up BlueBox Systems was founded in order to be flexible and meet the market’s requirements for young, agile companies. “The moment you talk about a start-up, completely different associations are awakened in the other person, you are perceived differently. And that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve,” explains Schulze.

Daily work with long-standing customers showed the need to implement real-time tracking in air freight. Real-time access to shipment information was possible for all modes of transport, but not for air freight. This was the impetus for the development of BlueBoxAir. Comprehensive transparency across the entire air freight supply chain enables optimised use of resources, which is important in terms of sustainability and climate protection. BlueBoxAir offers a unique solution for real-time tracking of air freight, which enables comprehensive transparency across all stations on the way to the destination, regardless of the respective carrier. This platform solution can be easily integrated into existing IT landscapes, which significantly lowers the barrier to entry for companies. In addition, CO2 data is determined at aircraft type level, which BlueBox Systems is the only company on the market to offer. The targeted choice of airline based on CO2 emissions makes an important contribution to sustainability.

“We are delighted to be taking part in the “NRWirtschaft im Wandel” competition with Blue BoxSystems. Our innovative and sustainable solution BlueBoxAir sets new standards in real-time tracking of air freight and makes a decisive contribution to sustainability in the logistics industry,” concludes CEO Schulze.

The competition, which is organised by Deutschland Land der Ideen, Rheinische Post, General-Anzeiger, Deutsche Bank, Abc, RWE, EgonZehnder and Zurich, aims to honour future-oriented companies in North Rhine-Westphalia and offer them a platform.

Now we have to keep our fingers crossed!

Caption: The BusinessCode team