Michael A. Adeolu mit seiner Betreuerin Anna Rasgauski

Insight into the world of IT: My internship at BusinessCode

By Michael A. Adeolu, intern in the TTS department at BusinessCode

By Michael A. Adeolu, intern in the TTS department at BusinessCode

Hello, my name is Michael A. Adeolu, I am 16 years old and I started my internship at BusinessCode on 15 January 2024. Today I would like to give you an insight into my experiences and my day-to-day work at BusinessCode.

The beginnings at BusinessCode: How I got here

When I was looking for a company for my IT internship, I came across BusinessCode after extensive research. The professional website gave me a good insight into the company’s activities and working environment, which convinced me to do my internship here.

A typical day at BusinessCode

My day-to-day work at BusinessCode is varied and instructive. Every morning I start by working on the tasks I have been given by my line manager. My supervisor was Anna Rasgauski. Working with my project manager, Johannes, allows me to delve deeper into the world of programming. I also take part in various company meetings to develop a comprehensive understanding of the company’s processes.

What I particularly enjoy

One of the highlights of my internship is the continuous learning of new things within the company. Through these experiences, I better understand how the IT world works and how these skills help fulfil the needs of people and businesses. I particularly enjoy getting an insight into the practical application of my skills.

Current projects and challenges

I am currently working on various projects, including the creation of a database table from an XML file, the implementation of some website functions and the development of a pocket calculator with Java. I am also expanding my knowledge of database administration with SQL Teradata.

Skills for joining BusinessCode

To get started at BusinessCode, basic knowledge of coding and programming is important. However, motivation, problem-solving skills and a willingness to take on challenges in the source code are just as important.

Gained knowledge and skills

During my time at BusinessCode, I not only deepened my knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery, but also gained experience with XML, Java and databases through SQL. In addition, I gained insights into the relationship between customers and the company as well as internal and external collaboration on various projects.

Why acquaintances should apply to BusinessCode

I can only advise my friends to apply to BusinessCode. The company not only offers a comprehensive learning environment, but also a motivating and safe atmosphere that lays the foundation for a successful career. There is a lot to learn and experience here – BusinessCode is the ideal place to lay the foundations for a lifelong career in IT.

Anna Rasgauski about Michael:

“It was a lot of fun to supervise Michael. Michael was always very committed and enthusiastic about many different topics. Together we improved his knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, XML, JQuery and CSS, and mine too! We also did a short introduction to Teradata SQL.

It was nice to get a different perspective on many topics. I think it also helps you to understand topics better yourself when you teach the topic to another person. Plus the very inquisitive questions on the topics and on BusinessCode from Michael too!

It was a pleasure to work with Michael and I wish him all the best for the future!”

Image: Michael A. Adeolu with his supervisor Anna Rasgauski