Usman Khan, neuer Sales Manager bei BusinessCode

BusinessCode Scales Up with Usman Khan’s Sales Leadership

Usman Khan has been Global Sales Manager at BlueBox Systems since August 2023.

Usman Khan has been Global Sales Manager at BlueBox Systems since August 2023. He is now also going to take over sales activities for the parent company – BusinessCode. His expertise and experience are expected to contribute significantly to the continued growth and development of both companies.

Bonn, 17 January 2024 To enhance visibility in the market, Usman Khan, who has exclusively served as the Global Sales Manager at BlueBox Systems, is additionally going to assume the role of Sales Manager for the parent company, BusinessCode. Khan, a respected expert in the fields of logistics and technology, will operate from London, taking a pivotal position in steering the sales strategies for BusinessCode.

The expansion of Khan’s responsibilities comes at a time when BlueBox Systems is continuing its growth trajectory and aims to further solidify its position as a leading developer of intelligent solutions for air freight tracking. BusinessCode, the parent company of BlueBox Systems, has been an experienced and qualified service provider for logistics companies for over 20 years. Now, BlueBox Systems and BusinessCode are working together more closely to bring the expertise of both companies to the outside world. The role as Global Sales Manager of both companies enables Khan to use his expertise in sales strategies, client acquisition and the optimization of sales processes for BusinessCode as well.

With an extensive background in the logistics sector, Khan has amassed years of valuable experience. Commencing his journey as a Business Development Executive at Rhenus Logistics and culminating as a Global Account Executive with Vizion API, Khan recognizes the transformative potential of digitization within cargo transport. “In today’s landscape, data visualisation has evolved into a pivotal necessity for an optimal customer experience in freight services,” says Khan. He notes, “There is a growing surge in the demand for tailored solutions.”

Khan’s strategic involvement thus aligns seamlessly with the current industry needs, offering a timely and proficient contribution to the evolving dynamics of logistics and freight operations.

BusinessCode, through BlueBox Systems, offers real-time data, providing transparency regarding the location of air freight shipments. “As Usman Khan is an expert in the air and sea freight industry, his knowledge and skills can bolster BusinessCode’s sales strategies and consistently drive the ongoing expansion of various business segments,” emphasizes BusinessCode CEO Martin Schulze.

Bildunterschrift: Usman Khan, new Sales Manager at BusinessCode