Martin Schulze, Anna Rasgauski, Michael A. Adeolu und Antje Gräf

The importance of internships for BusinessCode

This blog post looks at the relevance and importance of internships from different perspectives.

We have already had two student interns at BusinessCode this year. Michael A. Adelou from Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium has already written about his work experience with us. Bennet Treinen also completed an internship with us in January. This blog post looks at the relevance and importance of internships from different perspectives.

Internships are often the first steps towards professional orientation. Theoretical knowledge is not enough to meet the requirements of the labour market. Work placements play a crucial role. They enable pupils like Michael or Bennet to gain real insights into the working world and at the same time offer companies the opportunity to discover potential at an early stage, promote it and inspire enthusiasm for the profession.

Bennet Treinen, a 9th grade student at Bonn’s Helmholtz-Gymnasium, recently had the opportunity to complete an internship at BusinessCode as part of a career exploration day. This day offered Bennet a comprehensive experience that went far beyond the usual “taster”.

He was given the opportunity to immerse himself in various departments of the company, from management to finance/administration to current project teams such as SmartAir/Ocean, Aramex, DHL ELP and DHL TTS. Bennet even took part in international and national conference calls, gained insights into development processes and experienced day-to-day company life.

But internships are not only important for the interns. They also play a crucial role for BusinessCode and our employees. Not only do the interns learn and develop, but the supervisors also benefit from the collaboration. For example, our employee Anna, who supervised Michael A. Adelou, has strengthened her leadership skills as a result. She emphasises the mutual benefits that internships offer:

“It was a lot of fun to supervise Michael. Michael was always very committed and enthusiastic about many different topics. Together we improved his knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, XML, JQuery and CSS, and mine too! We also did a short introduction to Teradata SQL.

It was nice to get a different perspective on many topics. I think it also helps you to understand topics better yourself when you teach the topic to another person. Plus the very inquisitive questions on the topics and on BusinessCode from Michael too!

It was a pleasure to work with Michael and I wish him all the best for the future!”

Internships are also very important from the schools’ point of view. Mrs Antje Graef, teacher at Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium Bonn, comments on this:

“Internships are an important part of school education. They not only promote career orientation, but also important key skills such as independence, teamwork and communication skills. Internships help pupils to discover their interests and talents.”

Workforce requirements will become increasingly diverse, so internships are invaluable. They allow young people like Bennet to explore their passions, develop skills and prepare for their future career journey. At the same time, companies like BusinessCode benefit from fresh talent, new perspectives and the opportunity to mould the leaders of tomorrow.

Featured photo: Martin Schulze (CEO BusinessCode), Anna Rasgauski (BusinessCode), Michael A. Adeolu (trainee) and Antje Gräf (teacher at Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium)