BusinessCode is part of GAIA-X

A project of Europe for Europe

GAIA-X is a project by Europe for Europe. GAIA-X brings together representatives from politics, business and science from France and Germany with other European partners to develop a proposal for the design of the next generation data infrastructure for Europe.

The aim is a secure and networked data infrastructure that meets the highest standards of digital sovereignty and promotes innovation. In an open and transparent digital ecosystem, data and services are to be made available, brought together and shared with confidence. To achieve this, openness, transparency and European connectivity are central issues.

Currently, more than 300 organisations from seven European countries are working on the project. One of these partners is BusinessCode. The joint further development is the basis for the implementation of the goals of data sovereignty and data availability taking into account European values and guidelines. Further partners are welcome.

A project of Europe for Europe

The GAIA-X project is developing the foundations for the creation of a networked, open data infrastructure based on European values. The networking of decentralised infrastructure services is to result in a data infrastructure that will be merged into a homogeneous, user-friendly system in which data can be made available and shared securely and confidentially. This structure is to be of particular benefit to small and medium-sized enterprises.

For European companies and business models to be globally competitive, an open digital ecosystem is needed. This should enable both the digital sovereignty of users of cloud services and the scalability of European cloud providers.

Why did Business Code get involved with GAIA-X? That is obvious. What we are looking for is technical expertise in dealing with cloud solutions and use cases. And we have both. We know the reservations and requirements of medium-sized businesses when it comes to cloud solutions. Moreover, working with us is a good opportunity for us to exchange ideas with other project participants and also to benefit from their experience. Together we are able to develop a competitive European data infrastructure solution. Being part of this solution makes us proud.

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