Climate protection and sustainable transport

BusinessCode presents the IT innovation of its start-up BlueBox Systems in San Francisco

Sustainable logistics for air cargo – IT from BusinessCode sets new standards, as the “2+2 on Innovation in Logistics” conference held by transport logistic exhibitions and The International Air Cargo Association TIACA in San Francisco made clear.

Bonn, 04.05.2022 The Bonn-based IT service provider was a guest with its start-up BlueBox Systems at the “2+2 on Innovation in Logistics” conference of transport logistic exhibitions and The International Air Cargo Association TIACA in San Francisco. BusinessCode CEO Martin Schulze presented the contribution of the modern tool for more sustainable transport and climate protection.

BlueBox Systems offers the product BlueBoxAir, with which customers from air freight logistics can track their deliveries transparently in real time on one platform. In addition, there is business intelligence information for strategic planning of air freight shipments. “For air freight, this product is currently unique on the market,” explains Schulze.

BlueBoxAir provides the customer with transparency and key figures for process optimization. “The goals can be different. Punctuality, cost or resource savings can each be at the top of the agenda,” Schulze knows. “The important thing is: supply chains are optimized and weak points are eliminated.”

In the last 20 years, the industry has changed dramatically. It is impossible to imagine logistics without software, and customers expect transparency through real-time data for processes. “Our customers need to be able to provide information and keep an eye on their processes,” knows CEO Martin Bernemann, who was with us in San Francisco. “That’s why we at BusinessCode are working on a new level of transparency.”

Digitization and the fight against climate change in logistics were the main topics of the conference, both in presentations and in the many conversations that could finally take place again in direct, personal contact. “It is already clear that these topics will determine the next few years. As BusinessCode, we are very well positioned here,” Schulze explains.

“Providers want and need to be able to provide information to their customers,” adds Bernemann. “With IT, relevant data can be collected and evaluated. Reporting systems are being enhanced to provide meaningful and realistic CO2 figures. How much carbon emission did this transport cause? Can I reduce this in the future by planning the transport differently?”

In the air cargo industry, sustainability is of elementary importance. BlueBoxAir maps emission levels based on aircraft types and the real route. “There is no greenwashing, our customers are willing to invest in the systems we develop together and the processes. The interest comes from within,” Bernemann emphasizes.

In addition to CO2 emissions, the logistics industry has faced many challenges in recent years. “The transport volume has increased, so it was important for us that our customers can see the current transport status with our software, and for example also react to failures such as the blocked Suez Canal,” says Schulze. “At the very moment, the Ukraine crisis and its impact on transports are determining logistics.  Here, too, transparency and digitalization are key building blocks for mastering the crisis.”

In addition to many exciting discussions and industry insights, the personal exchange was enjoyed above all.

Caption: Martin Bernemann, CEO BusinessCode, and Martin Schulze, CEO BusinessCode and BlueBox Systems, in San Francisco.