Goetz van Rissenbeck

BusinessCode in HomeOffice

BusinessCode in the HomeOffice: Our colleague Goetz van Rissenbeck provides some useful tips.

BusinessCode in the HomeOffice: Due to the current situation we have not only decided to postpone our anniversary celebration. Also our office “Am Hof” will remain empty, because we are working from home. Our colleague Goetz van Rissenbeck reports on the work of BusinessCode from the HomeOffice and provides some useful tips.

Now the time has come to work from home because of social distancing. In the wake of the Corona Pandemic, we at BusinessCode have also recognised our responsibility. All employees were encouraged to work in their home office whenever possible. HomeOffice has been practised at BusinessCode for a long time, but this time the basic assumptions are completely different. Instead of having a reason to stay at home, you should have a good reason to come to the office.

So for us, this situation is not a problem and not entirely new. Of course we remain your trusted contact for all questions and requirements concerning your IT. With us the work continues. We are also working on one or two digital features that will temporarily replace the planned participation in events and trade fairs. As experts in process digitalization, this is of course no problem for us!

Useful tips for home office work

Of course, with the HomeOffice – apart from the technical requirements – a few special features have to be taken into account so that one avoids becoming caught up in an unsatisfactory situation. These special features should not be underestimated, which is why we have put them together.

Social distance can lead to social isolation. Therefore, one should always try to avoid it right away. It can lead to depression. This has to be avoided.

At first it may be great to be able to stay at home. But this can change quickly. Social activity is reduced, compensatory activities and normal routines fall away. This can and should be counteracted by proactive prevention.

Maintain contact

The isolation at home is a good opportunity to talk extensively with friends on the phone or simply to ask friends how they are doing in these times. A nice alternative is also a “virtual pub”. For example, at Jitsi you can meet with several friends for a video chat free of charge and without registration or software installation.


Besides work, you can use the ” spare” time to tackle things that have been left behind for a long time or that have gone stale on the ” you should do that or try it out – list”. Ideally these are manageable or lockable activities that can lead to success relatively quickly.

Further tips

Get out while you still can. Also when walking, keep your distance. Movement is also possible inside the house. Use the time off to relax by reading a book, listening to an audio book or podcast or meditating. Everyday activities such as cooking, baking or tea/coffee drinking can also be celebrated as small ceremonies.

Not only important in IT: “Tidy up” the computer, make a backup, and sort your own files. Instead of watching a whole Netflix series in record time, a regular daily routine should be maintained continuously.

Regular daily routine

Set an alarm clock, exercise early in the morning, dress neatly, as in normal life, and eat at set times!

It is very important to set up your own workstation for the home office, which you can enter and leave. The couch or the bed are not workstations! If necessary, arrange rituals with the home environment. If you are at your workplace with your headset on, it means: I am not responsive.

The most important thing is to create structures and adhere to them.