Our expertise

Our expertise

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The transfer of the technical necessities with the involvement of the feasible.

Big Data

Process large amounts of data quickly in order to gain new insights.

Reference Data Management

Manage coordination processes, consistency, high numbers efficiently.


Visualization of data in maps is much more convenient than the usage of tables.


Save existing services, create new services and add value with a service oriented architecture.

Process Measurement

In addition to the creation of the KPIs cleaning, clarification and interpretation of data is a must.

Operational BI

Insights gained from the information are introduced into the entire organization, this leads to improvement.

Cloud Services

Innovative technology to empower your business.


Important and relevant information must always be available.

Business Intelligence

Correctness, accuracy and relevance of KPIs are of central importance.

Project Management

Trade, assistance, partial or total project leader: BusinessCode fills exactly the requirements.


End2end responsibility of our employees covers rollout and training.