Aniqa Riaz – My career with BusinessCode

Aniqa Riaz began working as a student with BusinessCode and is now working with two large international logistics clients.

My name is Aniqa Riaz, I’m 28 years old, and I have been working at BusinessCode since April 2021 as a fullstack developer.

My journey at BusinessCode began during my studies. I joined the company as a student, already in my third semester, and I have been here since. After graduating, I was offered a full-time position.

What convinced me from the very beginning at BusinessCode was the company’s culture and supportive work environment, especially for students. The support I received as a part-time student employee and the company culture convinced me to fully commit to BusinessCode after graduation.

During my time at BusinessCode, I’ve had the opportunity to work with two different teams, each serving different clients. This experience allowed me to learn from experienced colleagues, improve my programming skills, and deepen my ability to communicate with various clients for different projects.

My workday typically begins with a meeting with my supervisors, where we align on my tasks for the day, and I provide updates on my ongoing work. I then work on the assigned tasks for the day, have meetings with clients to discuss project changes, and implement these changes in the best possible way.

I genuinely enjoy tackling new challenging coding tasks and increasing my understanding of the business logic behind our projects.

Currently, I’m working with two of our largest international logistics clients.

To excel at BusinessCode, a strong knowledge of Java and SQL is highly beneficial. However, even more crucial is the eagerness to learn and adapt continuously.

In the coming years, I look forward to learning even more from my senior colleagues and, hopefully, taking the lead on my own project soon. I aspire to take on more responsibilities and enhance my leadership skills.

My advice to acquaintances and anyone looking for a company that provides a supportive and friendly environment and helps to improve their coding skills, along with guidance from experienced IT professionals who are masters at what they do, is clear: Look no further and apply to BusinessCode. Here, you’ll not only receive expert guidance but you can also can grow within a fantastic team.