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Resource-optimized and punctual dispatch of parcels despite the decline in air traffic

Resource-optimized and punctual dispatch of parcels despite the decline in air traffic

The digitization of transport processes helps to optimize the use of resources in logistics. Appropriate performance management helps to improve the value creation process. Not an easy challenge in times when national and international air traffic is subject to severe restrictions.

Without a doubt, logistics is one of the winning industries of the last few months. Together with retail, logistics was already one of the top-selling sectors of the German economy before Corona. The resources required are correspondingly large, and so are the levers for potential savings. By actively designing the processes, numerous procedures can be improved, including individual process steps such as parcel transport, even in times when air freight has significantly less freight space available.

Resource-optimized and punctual dispatch of parcels…

In principle, the high volume of parcels requires comprehensive digitization on the part of logistics providers. Suitable software helps to analyze the individual processes much better, to optimize them afterwards and to analyze possible sources of error more comprehensively. As BusinessCode, we know what we are talking about and have been working for numerous logistics companies for 20 years. And so we have developed an innovative performance management system. The core of it is a detailed automated analysis of the parcel transport process.

…despite the decline in air traffic

As a result, the parcels can be sent in a much more resource-optimized manner and are also more punctual with the recipient. The software calculates key performance indicators, including punctuality, and from these scorecards and analysis components, which users can work with. It supports all aspects of operational management. From the optimization of courier processes to the continuous improvement process in the transport chain. With an “Outstanding Report”, a close look at the “transport pipeline” is available at any time, allowing problems that arise to be identified and solved at an early stage. This is particularly important at present, as large parts of the parcels can no longer be transported as so-called “belly freight”, as passenger planes still fly at a significantly reduced rate, or even fail to arrive at their destination.

Large parts of the parcels can no longer be transported as so-called “belly freight”

A key factor of the performance management system is the timely availability of information from parcel tracking. Every event – Where is the parcel? Which event is currently happening – has an influence on the status of the shipment. All events flow continuously into the system and are visible within a truly short time. Thus, if necessary, short-term action can be taken and parcels can be redirected. Savings and optimization potentials can be identified and utilized.

The fewer resources are required, the more sustainable and ecological the transport.

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