IT for future

For 20 years we have been a trustworthy partner for tailor-made IT solutions, which we develop together with our customers. Every day, more than 20,000 national and international users work with our solutions, which have their origin in Bonn. We know how to successfully implement IT projects for medium-sized businesses and major customers. Digitization begins with BusinessCode.
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BusinessCode – Successful digitisation with IT from Bonn

Experience and competence – this is what BusinessCode, your IT partner from Bonn, stands for. With our IT services and solutions, we accompany companies on their way to digitisation. We offer tailor-made individual solutions based on our own Open Source Library BCD-Suite. Our goal: optimized processes! Information and data can be efficiently managed, processed and securely made available for targeted control and planning. No off-the-shelf software, but a solution developed from proven building blocks, tailored precisely to the requirements and processes of our customers and ready for immediate use.

BusinessCode stands for more than 20 years of trusting IT projects, nationally and internationally. BusinessCode thinks and takes responsibility, each one of us for his services, and we as a team for the results. We accompany our customers on their way to digitisation, and we do so exactly to the extent required by the customer and the project. Resource-saving and tailor-made! Our motto when developing IT solutions is not what is technically feasible, but what commercially makes sense.

Always with the customer in mind, we have been successfully active in the market since our foundation in 1999 and manage national and international projects in various industries, in the major customer environment and in medium-sized businesses from our base in Bonn. Every day, more than 20,000 users worldwide work with BusinessCode solutions.

Methodology distinguishes us

We offer individual IT solutions, which fit exactly to the requirements of our customers, and digitize complex workflows. We adapt the IT solution to the respective requirements and change existing processes.

We accompany all our projects reliably and continuously, right from the start. And, of course, we complete projects that have already begun.

You can rely on our word. A fixed price guarantee and adherence to delivery dates are just as much a natural part of our work as continuous communication with all parties involved at eye level.

Step by step to the solution

At the beginning there is the Analysis – at the end there is the Solution. On the way from A to S we work closely with our customers in order to meet the customer expectations. And that’s what it does when our solutions precisely reflect the requirements of our customers. Digitization means: Smart solutions from BusinessCode support the handling of our customers’ business processes. And this is exactly what we demand.

Step by step we define the requirements together and convert them into solutions. The goal: lean and efficient processes through tailor-made IT from BusinessCode.

Our solutions can be used flexibly and independently of individual specialist areas.

Important to know: We concentrate on the needs of our customers and select the appropriate technology.

Fits perfectly

Tailor-made IT solutions from standard components for the most diverse requirements!

Small medium enterprises

IT solutions in small medium enterprises have to fit. There’s a high demand are to keep pace with digitization and have smart solutions. And this is where BusinessCode comes in. We adapt our solutions to your requirements. Neither too much nor too little, but exactly the right way to suit you. This is what Markus Burg and his team stand for, who look after our medium-sized customers. Short decision-making processes, no oversized projects. Our IT solutions fit your requirements.

Major enterprises

Extensive automation and digitization of all processes is becoming mandatory in large companies. Standard solutions often reach their limits here. Individual solution packages must be developed to ensure that the relevant processes are fully mapped. And this is precisely where our strength lies. We supplement existing solutions with individual applications and ensure end-to-end digitization. Harald Wagener and his team know what they are doing, they know the requirements of major international corporations and are masters of intercultural communication.


Located in Germany, BusinessCode is the ideal partner for intercontinental projects. We have already proven our global competence in numerous projects for medium-sized businesses and major customers. Culture and language competence characterize us. Our international project teams know what they are doing and who they need to talk to. Depending on the requirements, we use the know-how of the relevant experts. It doesn’t matter if you are in Asia still at work or in America already at work: We are there to assist you.