Anna Niedospial

Anna Niedospial – My career at BusinessCode

Anna Niedospial about her career at BusinessCode

My name is Anna Niedospial and I have been working for BusinessCode for 15 years. Currently I am in the position of a project manager.

I joined BusinessCode in 2006, while I was on an internship at DHL Headquarter in Bonn. There, I worked in the Controlling department and was involved in testing an algorithm created by BusinessCode for reverse-charge calculation. This experience sparked my passion for this field and in the end, it led to a job offer from BusinessCode.

Having a finance and economics background, I perceived this opportunity as an ideal way to obtain insights into new industry and expand my knowledge.

BusinessCode convinced me for several reasons: There is a positive work environment (it feels like a family to work here) and a close and trustworthy relationships with colleagues and customers. Also, flexible working hours and home-office were established here long before this trend was accelerated by the pandemics. At BusinessCode, we work in interesting projects for global market leaders and I feel that I can contribute directly to the success of the company.  

When I started here, I was a developer and IT consultant first, but shortly afterwards I was promoted to a role of project manager.

Since then, I have been involved in projects in various business areas (customer service, finance, operations) and for various customers (DHL, Philips, TSystems).

A couple of years ago I moved to Greece. In 2020 we decided to expand our operation to Greece and we employed our first students. Now we have 5 employees here.

The project I am currently working on involves the Customer Service business unit of one of our major logistics clients. It is a continuation of a project that has started 3 years ago, where we are involved in a BI solution that should provide a holistic view on performance of CS function.   

With a use of a complex backend algorithm, we are combining and analyzing vast amount of data across multiple business areas (telephony data, traces, bookings, chats& emails, sales leads, finance) to provide a complete and proactive dashboard view to the countries. 

In loop we have topics like the migration of this solution (and various others) to cloud environment and state-of-art databases. Also, we are applying machine learning algorithms for predictive analysis and near real-time reporting. At the same time, we are also supporting our customer in various tool’s migration to a new technological landscape, where in consequence our BI solutions need to catch up with these changes.

At BusinessCode, I really enjoy solving complex business problems in a creative way with use of technology, collaborating with diverse teams across globe and the aspect that the technology landscape is constantly evolving, which means that there is always something new to learn. 

Being a woman in IT, I am still in the minority. To a big extend I think the reasons are the biases stereotypes. As a working mother of two small kids I’m currently challenged with balancing work and family. I have very little time left for self-development and catching up with market trends. In 5 years’ time this will change and I’d love to invest more time in acquiring new technical and mentoring/leadership skills (topics like machine learning spark my interest). We also want to expand our operation here in Greece, but that’s another topic.