BusinessCode visits the Gamescom

For employee Michael Knümann and his children, the visit to Gamescom was the perfect end to their vacation.

From 20.08. to 24.08. the games fair Gamescom took place in Cologne. Every year, the computer games fair attracts thousands of visitors who want to find out about the latest trends, games and developments and try their luck playing games themselves. This year our colleague Michael Knümann was one of them.

As a software developer you are not too far away from game development. In addition to professional interest, at best you even have a small soft spot for it. Our colleague Michael Knümann has been noticing Gamescom visitors for years when he commutes between Cologne and Bonn.

That was reason enough to take a look around the place. “Especially when your own children want to go there,” Michael smiles. “So we bought evening tickets and a dream came true – not only for my children – and we went to Cologne Trade Fair Deutz.” Once there, you’ll find halls that are exclusively for trade visitors as well as so-called event halls for gamers. Compared to the summer temperatures outside, it was pleasantly cool in the exhibition halls, despite the many visitors. By the way: At the entrance there were wristbands for every visitor after checking the FSK identity card. Some games and exhibition stands are only open when the visitors have a certain age. And this was checked.

A dream came true

The audience consisted mainly of young adults, in between parents with children of different ages. “The borders blur, the fascination reaches from one generation to the next, as with us”, Michael explains. “Gaming all over” – this is the best way to sum up the evening. But one thing you definitely need is patience, because at all booths the lines of interested people were immensely long.

And what does this have to do with BusinessCode? Quite simply: crossing boundaries and thinking in completely different dimensions. And so some ideas were taken directly to the office – BusinessCode as an innovative IT company is always open for inspiration!

All pictures were taken by Michael and his family: