Dr. Andrea Niehaus (Leiterin Deutsches Museum Bonn) und Martin Schulze (Geschäftsführer BusinessCode)

AI is moving into the Deutsches Museum Bonn and we are part of it!

Congratulations on the 25th birthday and the reorientation of the Deutsches Museum Bonn towards artificial intelligence.

Congratulations on the 25th birthday and the reorientation of the Deutsches Museum Bonn towards artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is our daily business. Without mathematical algorithms, which establish connections, calculate and visualise dependencies in record time to facilitate decision-making processes, nothing works in IT, especially in logistics. Or let’s say, hardly anything at all.

And so we are very pleased that the Deutsches Museum Bonn, in whose “Wissenschaf(f)t Spaß” (Science fun) support association we are an active member, is now becoming a digital museum and is taking care of transporting the topic of AI to the public. According to a study, only 1.8 per cent of the skilled workers in Germany are employed in digital professions. Clearly too few! We think so too. And so, this historic day was celebrated with a large cast and the turnaround of the museum was presented.

Birthday celebration on 25.09.2020 in the German Museum Bonn with Ranga Yogeshwar

Science expert Ranga Yogeshwar discussed the far-reaching reorientation with the NRW Minister for Digital Affairs Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang M. Heckl, General Director of the Deutsches Museum in Munich and Dr. Reinhard Schneider as Chairman of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation.

Even though only hand-picked guests could come to the Deutsches Museum Bonn on 25.9.2020 due to current restrictions, it was a very nice birthday party with visions that were also broadcast in the livestream. The Deutsches Museum in Bonn has now been in existence for 25 years. Times have not always been so positive, and people have not always been so confident. But the players, above all Dr. Andrea Niehaus, the museum director, have managed to secure the museum’s continued existence. Together with the Friends of the Museum, the city and other supporters, they have succeeded. And they are now being rewarded for this by the state participating in the reorientation and actively supporting it.

BusinessCode is an active member of the association “Wissenschaf(f)t Spaß”

It should continue to move clearly in the direction of future technology. Away from the exhibition of contemporary technological history, the particle accelerator, the showcases with microscopes, old PAL colour television systems and all the rest. It could be said “Towards bits and bytes” to explain future developments in a way that is suitable for children and young people. It’s a kind of new start without losing touch with the history of technology to date.

But wait a minute, explaining AI in a way that is suitable for children and young people – is that even necessary? Aren’t our children growing up as digital natives, and can learn the secrets of these technologies better than we can?

We support the turnaround of the Deutsches Museum Bonn

That is debatable. Or not. Our experience shows that it is somewhat different to communicate digitally, to move around the net at record speed, than to develop programmes and understand backgrounds. The combination of a playful approach to devices and IT is the basis for a targeted further development of modern industrial IT. Only those who understand the connections can develop future-proof IT technology.

Therefore, we support the turnaround of the Deutsches Museum Bonn. In several stages, the classic museum is to be transformed into an “experience space” with exhibits and information boards. The aim is to enter a dialogue with visitors in small groups – here we are of course actively involved as partners – to introduce them to the central theme of AI.

Photo: Dr. Andrea Niehaus (Director Deutsches Museum Bonn) and Martin Schulze (CEO BusinessCode) (Photo: SC Lötters)