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Projects in logistics

Delivery reliability, delivery dependability, immediate availability – ordered today – at the customer’s site tomorrow, regardless of which region of the world the goods come from. Logistics is increasingly becoming the be-all and end-all in national and international goods traffic. A continuous supply chain is becoming a must if you want to survive in the future. Transparency and speed cannot be realized without the right software partner. The partner should speak the language of the customer and have extensive experience in the field of logistics. The solution provider should know what is important and, above all, be able to provide the customer with future-oriented support.

Efficient processes, end-to-end digitization, data available at all times are decisive competitive advantages and help to improve the customer experience in logistics. The result is more cost-efficient supply chain management to stay ahead of the competition.

Keeping an eye on individual logistical processes, the transport pipeline and the entire supply chain, actively and specifically promoting continuous improvement processes – that is day-to-day business at BusinessCode in Bonn. We transfer experience from the B2C sector to the B2B world, with a focus on convenience and simplicity.

For us, dashboards are part of the solution when it comes to analyzing and improving transport processes in detail. Key figures are clearly displayed, allowing for quick action and continuous optimization. Changes, bottlenecks and delays can be tracked immediately and clearly. As a result, individual courier processes as well as the entire transport chain can be continuously improved by using solutions from BusinessCode.

The search for the best solution in the field of logistics begins with the choice of the right partner, the only way to ensure long-term competitiveness. Individual solutions created from standard components reflect your requirements. The solution follows the processes, not the processes the solutions.

Tracking & Tracing “Made by BusinessCode” – we know what to do. Optimize your supply chain with a customized solution from our company!

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Customized IT solutions from standard components – we have already convinced here!

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