Ab in die Cloud, aber bitte richtig!

The flip side of networking

Off to the cloud, but do it right! Networking must be secure!

Right into the cloud. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, this trend has been unstoppable. A good idea, employees can access data and use tools from any location. They can work together in teams on projects, even if they don’t share an office, but work together from their home office or mobile from different locations, even internationally.

We as BusinessCode have been accompanying our customers for a long time on exactly this path, put the respective developed solutions into a cloud, and work on international projects from Bonn ourselves. We appreciate the value of flexible working independent of location and time, but we also know about possible risks.

Particularly under the pressure of the lockdown measures, many companies that were not previously prepared for mobile working were forced to put speed before care. This prioritization was absolutely correct, but now needs readjustment. Many companies must now develop a temporary solution into a long-term stable solution.

Networking must be secure

The right approach ensures safety and reliability and helps to find the right solution. This is how we approach our projects, not leaving customers alone in their choice of a cloud for the solution we develop, but always suggesting a suitable cloud solution that is secure and fits.

In general, the use of a cloud must comply with the law. A requirements analysis is necessary to be sure of this. In this way it can be determined which data should, can and may be placed in the cloud.

Maximum safety is the top priority. Appropriate technologies and automated security measures (antivirus, spam protection, back-up solutions, disaster management, monitoring etc.) are a necessity. This also includes a view into the future. Solutions that grow with the company are important, because requirements in the IT sector change dynamically. The cloud solution must therefore be able to map changing business processes.

For a successful path, cooperation with an experienced service provider who understands the customer and his needs is a central criterion for success.

Decentralized working is becoming increasingly important. Data storage in the cloud is a must. Experience and know-how are essential for carefully weighing up the opportunities and risks when deciding on a cloud provider and the volume of data that belongs in the cloud. Here it is advisable to trust external professionals.

Off to the cloud, but do it right! Networking must be secure!

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