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Recalls, Returns & Repairs

Recalls, Returns & Repairs

Nearly all industries have to face and manage recalls and returns mainly in a complex international environment. Very often it is combined with repairs on top.

Thousands of companies are impacted. A recall can risk their revenue, damage their brand and customer relationships. Logistic companies have to be prepared with an appropriate plan, expertise and systems in place to support their clients in that field.

The Challenge

One of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world had to manage Europe’s largest recall project. Millions of coffee machines had to be collected, repaired and sent back to customers in a promised short time frame. The selected logistic company asked BusinessCode to quickly setup a solution to manage and harmonize data volume, quickly provide proper input and status reports for all project partners.

The Solution

BusinessCode with its experience could satisfy this client perfectly – and so the client his customers too. BusinessCode’s logistic knowledge and IT toolbox, together with the experience of many projects, enabled it to quickly generate value in a critical ad hoc project. In close cooperation with the customer, BusinessCode delivered a solution, which was the base to enable the customer to provide returns & repairs as standard service.

Key features:

Collect shipment and status data (e.g. track & trace or repair status) from diverse partners and ensure data quality

Support operational repair process with multiple legs

Include performance and management reports

Benchmark progress, show bottlenecks and alerts

What we have done – Express Logistic Platform

Based on international „real life“ projects in the logistics area and the expertise to handle high and complex data volumes in an unharmonized environment, BusinessCode was the right partner to transfer its knowledge into a state of the art global recall & repair solution by supporting the customer during all project stages.

End to End Support

System specification and architecture

Agile project management together with the customer to resolve complex obstacles throughout the development and focus on the key functionalities

Development of web application and setup of the customer’s ESB and SOA landscape from scratch


Encapsulation of operational legacy systems as web services

Business process orchestration on top of service

Managing the connection between all legs of the repair process (send packaging / supply, collect goods, return goods after repair)

Easy adoption to new business opportunities like medical express, (e.g. dry ice to doctor, who sends blood samples to a laboratory)

Providing multiple input channels for customers: UI, EDI & web service

Integrated internal and external reporting to view long time performance trends and analyze issues

Multi-language UI and notification messages via Email / Fax / SMS

BCD Suite

The user interface was developed using existing building blocks. This enabled the quick development as screens didn’t have to be built from scratch.

Multi-Browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)

Rich client behavior supporting efficient call center usage

Customers voice (Logistics CIO):

“With the expertise of BusinessCode we could manage successfully a complex and high volume ad hoc recall project within Europe. The good experiences with BusinessCode lead us to develop our standard application to manage recall and return projects.”