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Operational Performance Management


The Challenge

A leading express and logistics company had to redefine its approach on Performance Management after a series of mergers and acquisitions. The service quality of its offering was not satisfying and customers were complaining, central visibility on failures and improvement potentials were not available and local solutions were used in countries and regions. The setup showed the typical characteristics of a Performance Management in an early development stage (white or green belt level):

Manual creation of KPIs and analytical information

Isolated local solutions without harmonized business rules

Unpredictable and volatile Performance and Service Quality

Reactionary approach on Service Quality issues

The Solution

BusinessCode was chosen to help establishing a state-of-the-art Operations Performance Management Solution (OPMS). A first release was provided just 3 months after the start of the project. Today the solution provides KPIs and automated root cause analytics and failure allocation to a global user audience (5000 active users / 1000 daily users).

What we have done – OPMS

By applying our maturity model of Performance Management we supported the customer moving away from a fragmented white/green belt level Performance Management to a global harmonized Performance Management. The underlying system supports this approach by aligned business rules for KPIs including an automated root-cause analysis enabling self-analysis for users on all hierarchies in the company.


Covering all customer-2-consumer operational processes

System provides all elements of Performance Management

Scorecard & automated root cause analyses

Issue management / corrective action tracking

SLA and customer reporting

Used by 5000 users globally in all regions / 1000 distinct users daily

Information based on 3 Mio. shipments per day is provided on daily basis tailored to a user’s area of responsibility

BCD Suite

The BCD-UI provides all modules required for the solution like scorecard, dashboards and root-cause module.

BCD-BM and BCD-JC provide the mechanics to load and evaluate the data in the data warehouse.

The solution was developed using building blocks already available. This enabled the quick turnaround and Time-to-Market that was crucial for the successful implementation of the solution within the customer’s organization.

Reactionary approach on Service Quality issues

Customer’s voice (Head of Performance Management):

“With the implementation of the Operations Performance Management solution we created something completely new – a real global solution developed in an agile methodology. Just the replacement of the legacy landscape saves us millions of euros every year”