Operational Performance Management


OPMS – central management tool for performance monitoring IT4Business:

Our client has been comprehensively reorganized and repositioned for several years.

In this context, the internal IT organization is being repositioned with the IT4Business program.

In addition to a redesign of the IT landscape, the focus is on the systematic outsourcing of services. The internal organisation concentrates on the future architecture, on the management of the partner and on the communication with internal customers and thus on the customer departments of the various divisions. As a central management tool, OPMS consolidates all relevant indicators of IT operations and divides them into different categories

Quality of service

Process conformity



This information is used to monitor SLAs with internal customers and to review partner companies and to manage Six Sigma projects and initiatives. Information is made available to hundreds of users in different views and various analysis tools. In addition to scorecard, dashboard, and analysis tools, data can also be visualized on maps, e.g., to present information about global operations in an intuitive way.

In 2012, our customer chose BusinessCode as a partner for the implementation and operation of the application, which has since been provided in an ASP (Application Service Provider) model. The system accompanies and supports the reorganization and the Six Sigma process within the IT organization. The reporting system was consolidated and reinstalled using the application. The savings achieved by using the system are estimated at several million euros.

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