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Complex Reference Data Management

Complex reference data management

Our Customer, a global logistics company, manages its product offering with our complex data reference management tool. The most important data administrated are the transit times between the consignee and consignor and the respective latest pick up time to reach the planned transit time. Customers use this information to compare different carriers. Usually the carrier with the fastest transit time will be chosen. The management of this information, which is performed on individual zip code level, is one of the main tasks in a global network. More than thousand employees are involved in this task, which affects several management and function levels such as marketing, sales and operations. The system supports the management of the data and the basis workflow (approval process, 4 eyes principle, data validation versus actual transit times). BusinessCode was taken as a partner for the 5th version of this application. The task included the development of a new standard application from scratch for the global use with an innovative approach. BusinessCode could have the compatible basics to realize this requirement with their WEB 2.0 AJAX technology. The components of the application, which support the data entry and validation, are e.g.:

Data grids similar to excel sheets, that include copy & paste of components, filter and sorting

Data validation not only on level of a single component but also on different data sets

Access authorization on single component, column or row.

Data export and upload

Proposals to improve the data based on operational data

All these functionalities are implemented in the Web application on the client so that the user can work like in a stand-alone application. The application allows also the visualization of data using maps to easiyl identify correlation, deviations and trends that are not visible in data table immediatley. Additionally, the users are able to edit the data in the map directly. The system synchronizes the basis data view automatically. Today our complex data reference management tool is used by more than thousand users and provides data for key operational internal systems as well as for the communication with the customer. With the successful roll-out of the application various legacy systems and local governance processes could be replaced.