Complex Reference Data Management

Complex reference data management

Among the most important data in logistics are the transit times between recipient and sender as well as the last pickup time in order to achieve the planned transit time. Based on these parameters, the forwarding agent with the fastest transit time is usually selected. This required an innovative standard application for global use.

The management of this information, which is carried out at individual postcode level, is one of the main tasks in a global network with more than a thousand users. It affects numerous management and functional levels such as marketing, sales and operations. The system supports the management of data and the basic workflow (approval process, 4-eyes principle, data validation compared to actual runtimes). The integrated functions are very complex and are implemented in the web application on the client, so that the user can work as in a stand-alone application. The data can be visualized and edited with the help of maps, so that correlations, deviations and trends can be identified more easily than in a data table.

With the successful implementation of the application, various legacy systems and local governance processes could be replaced.

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