Contract Logistics Operational Performance Management System

Operational performance management system for contract logistics

Service quality across national borders is the essence of logistics.
The basis: globally harmonized performance management with a central view of errors and improvement potential across all local solutions.

BusinessCode accompanies its customers on the way from fragmented performance management at white / green belt level to a consistent, global performance management using the in-house maturity model.

The underlying system uses aligned business rules for KPIs, including automated root cause analysis and fault mapping for a global user group, enabling self-analysis for users in all hierarchies of the organization.
The system is now used by more than 5000 active users worldwide, more than 1000 different users daily. Based on 3 million shipments per day, users receive information tailored to their area of responsibility.

BusinessCode uses its BCD UI technology to support the integration of data collection and reporting in a single application. The global system thus created enables the customer to make the quality and results of resource planning more transparent, share best practices within the organization and optimize productivity management.

Logistics solutions from Business Code are in use worldwide! Take advantage of our competence when it comes to logistical issues and tracking & tracing!

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