Price Change Monitoring

Monitoring price changes

Especially in logistics, even the smallest price changes have a major impact on competitiveness. Margins are tight and the choice of the cheapest provider can become an important factor in competition. This is why an IT-based price change monitoring system is ideal here. This makes it possible to identify in a timely manner how large the gap is between actual and expected price changes so that countermeasures can be taken in the short term.

For regular monitoring of the effects on sales as a result of price changes, not only is a one-off analysis after a price change necessary, but this must be done continuously and promptly. For this reason, BusinessCode has developed a special tool with the Price Change Monitor, which enables customers to react to even the smallest price changes. In addition, an automated calculation function for the effects of the price change is included. Understanding the cause of the deviation (price or destination/weight changes) makes possible correlations immediately transparent to the user. For example, it is possible to quickly identify the effects of price changes on individual shipping profiles, which makes it easier for the shipper to choose the respective shipping profile.

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