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Digitization of processes

From the Excel replacement to the digital platform - A solution developed by us can also support your business process or your new digital product.

Excel replacement – from the “over-excited” Excel list to the controlled IT solution:

Excel is quickly available, easy to use and uncomplicated, but also offers uncertainties for corporate IT when complex, business-critical applications arise from it. Our BCD-Cel solution is the user-friendly alternative: fixed cost, fast implementation, controlled by pre-tested modules and independent by standard technologies – an individual enterprise application that brings advantages for IT and management!

(Web) Application Development – IT service provider, software development and project management (full or support):

Trade, support, partial or overall project management: BusinessCode exactly meets the requirements. We offer successful and reliable software projects from development to completion. With proven, modern technologies, we develop future-oriented solutions worldwide.

Small medium enterprise solutions

BusinessCode understands the requirements of small medium enterprises. This includes the digitalisation of processes, increasing automation and the internationalisation of companies. Trusting cooperation is becoming increasingly important on the way from standard solutions to special solutions. And here BusinessCode is the guide in an unmanageable range of web solutions and cloud technologies.