Digitization of processes

From the Excel replacement to the digital platform - A solution developed by us can also support your business process or your new digital product.

Digitisation is becoming a must if we want to adapt to the constant changes in the markets. This is where tailor-made IT is required, rarely an off-the-peg solution. As digitisation experts, we know what we are talking about and will accompany you on your way to digitising your processes.

We think holistically

The important thing is that digitisation should be approached strategically. Of course, a digital process from the supplier to the customer is the goal, but its implementation should be done step by step. This is how experiences can be implemented in the next step. Trust us, we accompany you step by step!

And optimize your processes

Digitization of processes does not mean that you necessarily map existing processes digitally. First, the existing processes should be checked. Often these can be simplified first and then digitised.

How to avoid media disruption

Digitization also means that all data is digitally mapped from start to finish, without media breaks. The laborious transfer of data by hand should also be avoided. This requires functional interfaces between existing solutions in order to create the necessary consistency. We know what has to be done.

And rely on the right data

Use only the data that is really important. The better your database is, the more efficient the results of digitisation will be. Here, less is clearly better than more. The view from the outside helps to distinguish the important from the unimportant.

We involve all stakeholders

Include everybody involved! Everyone has to get used to change. That’s why it makes sense to discuss the digitization of processes with all those who are interested in the upcoming changes betroffen. In this way, existing concerns can be mitigated early on and possible stumbling blocks avoided. Together we will take your employees along on the way to the digitalization of your processes.

The right strategy for digitisation

Digitisation must suit your company, it must implement your requirements and map your processes. You can orientate yourself with others, but you should decide on a solution that reflects your processes. This also applies to your tools. Even if Excel is quickly available, easy to use and uncomplicated, it is not always the best solution. Let’s see what user-friendly alternative can be found when it comes to complex, business-critical applications and the final processes are fixed. For example, we think of our BCD-Cel solution, the user-friendly alternative: firmly calculated, quickly implemented, controlled by pre-tested modules and independent by standard technologies. An individual business application that brings advantages for IT and management!

But above all: Safety first

IT security must always be provided in the context of process digitalisation. With the right strategy, digitisation offers clear opportunities to increase IT security. We know which solutions you can trust and which fit your needs, whether cloud or web-based technologies.

Let us advise you:

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