Business Analytics

Successful introduction of BI & Analytics - Every day the reporting solutions of BusinessCode are used worldwide.

Business Analytics (BA) is about the systematic analysis of company data as a basis for data-based decision-making. The digitalization of the economy is driving data growth, so the flood of data must be made specifically usable.

From data to information

With tWith BA you can gain insights that influence business decisions and automate and optimize business processes. Data and the information gained from it form the basis for targeted control and monitoring of companies – both strategically and operationally. Business decisions are directly dependent on the quality and structure of the database as well as the Effizienz and usability of the data management and analysis systems.

We know what’s important

Transparency, relevance, feasibility and daily results are the quintessence of more than 300 projects and systems with up to 10,000 users in this area. Therefore, our approach in creating an analysis system is based on these 4 pillars.

Tried and tested methodologies are our approach

With the help of our proven methodology, we ensure that your investment in data analytics actually supports you in achieving your business objectives. We define the appropriate target system with you and develop it in agile iterative steps.

Less is clearly more!

The application possibilities of BA are becoming more and more diverse! From the supply chain to quality and production optimization on the shop floor to customer journeys – you will only remain competitive in the long term if you take advantage of the associated flood of data.

Selected examples of our work:

Full, cross-functional transparency across all business areas (Operations, Finance, Sales) and products

Consolidated information – from CEO to shift supervisor with guaranteed consistency

Goal-oriented presentation – support of the continuous improvement process in the respective area of responsibility

Automated customer reporting – 100% in-line with internal processes

We rely on our unique full-stack application based on our BCD-UI. We will set up a first pilot application on your data within 5 days.

Let us advise you:

BusinessCode plans together with you which data should be examined, because not all data is relevant. Methodical competence, many years of experience and economic understanding are the guarantee for tailor-made BA projects.