Business Analytics

Successful introduction of BI & Analytics - More than 3000 people worldwide use BusinessCode reporting solutions every day.

Solutions for data analysis, business logic and KPI calculation, business process monitoring

BI & Reporting – Enterprise management software with scorecards, reports, visualizations. Customization vs. standard software:

Correctness, accuracy and relevance of KPIs are of central importance. In addition to the preparation of KPIs, the cleaning, clarification and interpretation of data is a must. The insights gained from the information are then incorporated into the entire workflow, leading to improvements. Our standard components – based on marketable computer languages and de facto standards – offer speed and investment security. Even more: Subprojects and results can be realized quickly. Or in iterative steps that make efficient adjustments. This includes measuring the operational core processes in production (or workbench) at the multifunctionality level, providing reliable performance information for responsible persons – almost in real time – precisely about their area of responsibility or taking measures for direct operational improvement.

Learn more about the concrete application in our BCD Suite here: BCD-UI.