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Business Analytics

Successful introduction of BI & Analytics - Every day the reporting solutions of BusinessCode are used worldwide.

Transparency, relevance, feasibility and daily results are the quintessence of more than 300 projects and systems with up to 10,000 users in this area. That’s why our approach to creating an analysis system is based on these 4 pillars.

With the assistance of our proven methodology, we ensure that your investments in data analytics actually support you in achieving your business goals. We work with you to define the appropriate target system and develop it in agile iterative steps.

Selected examples of our work:

Full, cross-functional transparency across all business units (Operations, Finance, Sales) and products

Consolidated information – from CEO to shift supervisor with guaranteed consistency

Targeted presentation – support of the continuous improvement process in the respective area of responsibility

Automated customer reporting – 100% in-line with internal processes

We rely on our unique full-stack application based on our BCD-UI. We will set up a first pilot application on your data within 5 days.