Machine Learning

From analysis to productive application - we support the entire process of introducing methods from machine learning.

Machine Learning: IT systems recognize a pattern in existing data sets and are thus able to find independent solutions to problems. We accompany you on the way to find your machine learning based solution and implement it permanently.

On the way from model to product

We are experts in developing an idea into a productive, functional application. And this is exactly where we see the central challenge in the tasks in which machine learning methods are used. As a rule, this involves the evaluation of large amounts of data.

We work systematically

Our approach is systematic and designed as a multi-stage process. First we analysed your data, business processes and products. In this way, we find the actually relevant data, extract it and combine it into information in order to identify possible use cases.

And develop solutions

On the basis of the relevant use cases, we then develop targeted methods and models of machine learning. As a rule, mathematical algorithms are used here, which adapt themselves independently to further developments.

First test, then implement

In the next step, our solutions go through extensive test phases before we integrate them into your existing IT landscape.

We rely on scientific know-how

With this interactive and agile approach, we enable you not only to try out machine learning methods, but to embed them in your processes and products.

Let us advise you, the right data is the basis for successful AI solutions in your company as well.

In the field of machine learning, we also rely on partner companies and universities.