Operation and modernization of existing applications

Together with you, we develop the appropriate roadmap for your legacy IT and help you to implement it.

In most companies the software landscape has grown over the years. In many cases, a colourful mix of in-house developments and bought-in applications has emerged and is distributed throughout the entire organisation. In order to set up new digital processes here, the digital software landscape must first be tidied up, old applications must be switched off.

Cleaning up, not just switching off

Operation and maintenance of existing applications are our daily business. We take care of your IT systems and accompany you with an effective strategy on the way to implementing your innovative business ideas in terms of software. We know which solutions are needed in the future and which are not.

More performance at lower costs

Many companies spend 75 percent or more of their IT budget on keeping existing applications and infrastructures alive. We can help you make significant cost savings by selectively shutting down outdated and redundant applications. Shutting down old applications has many advantages and should be part of business planning. Talk to us!

Transparency and quality are our driving forces

Together with you, we work out the goals and the roadmap for upcoming modernizations. You know where you stand and how to proceed. Transparent and comprehensible. Step by step we will then implement the roadmap together. In doing so, we comply with industry-specific regulations and minimize your business risks.

Step by step

To determine which of the legacy applications should be taken out of service first, we recommend comparing the business value of an application and the costs incurred for support and maintenance. If the maintenance costs are higher than the benefits, you should shut down the application, but not without considering existing dependencies and providing solutions where necessary. We do this for you!


We make sure that your IT is always up to date. To do this, we rely on a combination of specially coordinated tools, infrastructure and organizational processes (DevOps) to improve the quality of the software and its development speed. Your software must fit you and your requirements.

Let us advise you:

BusinessCode plans together with you which tools you should replace or simply switch off, because surely you don’t need all the tools of the past. Many years of experience and comprehensive IT understanding are the guarantee for a tailor-made IT structure.