Transparency becomes a must in logistics

Performance managament as a key factor

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Patience was yesterday, immediate availability is now. Customers order and want to be supplied immediately, regardless of which region of the world the goods come from. Logistics in particular therefore knows the following questions only too well: Where are my goods at the moment? Will it arrive on time? How can problems be avoided in transit?

The provider who can provide answers to these questions is the one who has the competitive edge. And these are the logistics companies that rely on end-to-end digitalisation along the entire transport route. The markets are fast-moving, the transport route replaces the warehouse, just-in-time is the measure of all things. What is needed here above all is comprehensive monitoring along the entire logistics chain..

“Efficient processes, transparency and availability of data are decisive competitive advantages and also contribute significantly to improving the customer experience,” explains BusinessCode CEO Martin Schulze. And it is precisely this – transparency and the customer experience – that makes more cost-efficient supply chain management a key factor if a service provider wants to compete with international corporations such as Amazon.

Tracking & Tracing

With this knowledge behind it, the Bonn-based IT service provider has developed a comprehensive performance management system.  The core of this innovative solution is a detailed automated analysis of the transport process of the packages. Key figures are calculated, for example for punctuality, from which scorecards and analysis components can be filled for any number of users. All aspects of operational management are supported, from the optimization of courier processes to the continuous improvement process in the transport chain itself. An “Outstanding Report” allows a closer look at the “transport pipeline” at any time, problems that arise can be identified and solved at an early stage. “Our customers confirm that many problems do not arise in the first place because they can be tackled at the outset,” Schulze emphasizes.

Performance management as a key factor

A key factor of performance management is the timely availability of relevant information. Every event – where is the package? Which event is currently happening – has an impact on the status of the shipment. All events flow continuously into the system and can be made visible within 15 minutes. Thus the tracking of the parcels is tightly meshed and continuous.

But since the statement “time is money” is particularly true in logistics, the Bonn-based IT service provider has further developed its solution accordingly and enables the connection of relevant financial key figures. In this way, customers have an all-round view of their business figures and can identify both potential and possible challenges at an early stage.

Access by different decision makers

Consistency in reporting and transparency of the shipment status are particularly important in the logistics sector. For this reason, the performance management of BusinessCode makes an important contribution to securing the company’s existence.

A storable authorization system enables individual decision-makers to access key figures relevant to them. Customers can also be connected to the system. They then have access to key figures that are relevant for them. This ensures the greatest possible transparency.

Of course, the current key figures can also be displayed in a dashboard that takes the CI specifications of the customer into account. And in order to keep an eye on the latest developments, a news feed can be integrated, which displays continuously updated information from the world of logistics or the desired subject area.


“It is important to know the needs of the customer and to be familiar with the world of logistics,” concludes CEO Martin Schulze for whom Tracking & Tracing is more than just empty words.

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