Digitization in five steps

5 questions for your individual digitization timetable

5 questions for your individual digitization timetable:

  1. stocktaking: Where does your company stand? What digital infrastructure is currently available? What is missing?
  1. determine the need for action: What goals do you want to achieve with the planned digitization of your company? What do you need to do to achieve them?
  1. identify resource requirements: What technical equipment is required? How can your employees be integrated? Do you possibly need new specialists? What can they do with on-board resources? What external support is required?
  1. finances in view: What costs will you be facing? Is it possible to apply for subsidies? Where do you get such subsidies? Who could be a possible financing partner?  
  1. planning implementation: Check what effects the changeover will have on business operations, but also on clients and customers. Inform all those involved and prepare managers and employees for the changes.

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