Digitization in consulting

AI in Consulting

A consulting firm has a database – a catalogue – in which all relevant legal texts are stored. Up to now, new legal texts have been searched for by hand. Herewith one employee and a student assistant were employed full-time.  They searched the relevant pages of the ministries, state governments etc. for corresponding search terms and stored the documents, laws etc. found in the database. Thus, the law firm was always up to date.

Artificial intelligence instead of expensive manpower

This rather complex search process was to be digitized and BusinessCode was therefore commissioned to develop software that would search the Internet for the relevant search terms. The documents found were to be automatically stored in the database and catalogued.

Continuous digital process

To be able to map the process digitally throughout, automated documentation and indexing is required to avoid manual rework.

Usability Usability and Artificial Intelligence are the heavyweights of the project.

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