BCD-BM BusinessMirror provides you with a graphical interface for defining, documenting and implementing complex business calculation logic.

Today’s business rules go way beyond simple aggregations and the process view needs to be considered. The more complex these rules are, the more expensive and error prone the implementation will be. BCD-BusinessMirror keeps your efforts and development risks at a minimum.

As opposed to many other business rule engines, BCD-BM fully relies on SQL for its tasks thereby leveraging your existing warehouse power.

Define your logic

The standard approach requires the business users to write down the calculation logic in their language. Often they do not fully understand or know the actual data and have no access to it. Then, developers try to understand the rules and implement them in a different language. These indirections will always lead to buggy implementations and mistrust and high testing efforts. Also it is not possible to verify the implementation in detail.

BusinessMirror’s unique approach combines documentation and implementation into one step. Business users having knowledge of the data – or supported by a developer – can define the calculation rules in a graphical flow chart. This assures same understanding and provides the documentation without additional effort. It also provides the implementation in SQL form with just a button click.

The effort of clarification round trips, implementation and testing is reduced to a minimum, often saving 80% of the costs.

Test and verify your logic

Debug your logic on individual process instances.

This core feature of BCD-BM is obviously important during setting up and testing the logic. But it becomes even more important when rolling out the solution to your company, when the need arises to assure that the numbers are trusted and possibly verified by other staff with appropriate knowledge.

Users of the platform get full transparency of the rules and calculations and can confirm the calculations are correct. Experience shows that after a while the usage of this feature goes down and the usage of the application goes up, because people know that the numbers are correct.