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BCD beendet Schatten-IT

Mit der Technologiekomponente BCD-Cel und dem Strukturierten Vorgehen der BusinessCode überführen Sie Excel Lösung in ITIL kontrollierte IT-Anwendungen.

2014-12-15 businessCode Shadow IT.pdf

Create a global system for the continuous improvement processes

Global performance management solution utilizing information of 3 Mio. shipments per day

2014-05-15 BusinessCode OPMS.pdf

Be ahead of the future – with BusinessCode

BusinessCode believes that in the next few years the Asia-Pacific region will be one of the key areas for innovation in the logistics industry.

2014-05-14 BusinessCode IT 4 Logistics.pdf


BusinessCode’s Suite of Java and HTML 5 software components supports the customers in building modern enterprise web applications much more efficient than generic libraries or a from-scratch approach can do.

2014-05-13 BusinessCode BCD-Suite.pdf

“Next Generation” technology at the Deutsche Post World Net

On its way to becoming No. 1 in the global logistic business sector, the Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN) aims not only to grow in quantity.

2010-10-28 BusinessCode Barc Guide.pdf